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Red Cross Ready Rating Program - Member 2011

Red Cross Ready Rating Program - Member 2011


(DC)KytoStat bandage, 1x4 inch, case of 24 bxs of 1


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Product Description

(DC)1 - 1" x 4" Bandages, Case of 24 Boxes

KytoStat: A natural choice to control bleeding  First, HemCon® Bandages were proven to be effective lifesavers in combat. HemCon is a top choice of America's Armed Forces to stop severe bleeding. Now the same advanced, natural blood-stopping technology - Chitosan (kyto-san)- can go right into your first aid kit. KytoStat. The new first name in first aid.

    * Advanced blood stopping technology
    * KytoStat adapted for home use - same chitosan-based technology used by U.S. Military, EMTs and medical professionals to save lives
    * Now available for your first aid kit
    * Quickly stops bleeding, seals and protects wound
    * Shortens long bleeding times (as from blood thinners)
    * Easy to use, painless to remove
    * Safe, natural, latex-free
    * Perfect for first aid use in home, auto, camping and coaching
    * Effective for people on blood thinners as well as hemodialysis, and diabetic patients


   1. Apply KytoStat bandage to bleeding wound. White pad MUST be in contact with blood and wound.
   2. Apply direct pressure until white bandage pad stick directly to wound and bleeding is controlled.
   3. Keep bandage dry.
   4. To remove, soak well with water or saline.

Product is sterile unless foil packet is opened or damaged. Do not use if contents are wet. Use promptly after opening. Single use only. Best stored at room temperature.


Contains chitosan from shellfish.
For medical emergencies, or suspected allergic reaction, seek medical attention.