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Red Cross Ready Rating Program - Member 2011

Red Cross Ready Rating Program - Member 2011


(DC)SAME Handlheld Radio With AM/FM/WX/SAME


Case Height (in) 8"
Case Length (in) 12.3"
Case Qty 10
Case Weight (lbs) 7
Case Width (in) 10"
Height (in) 1.5"
Length (in) 6.5"
Manufacturer Life Gear
Weight (lbs) .70
Width (in) 2.75"
 Retail Price: $69.99
 You Save: $24.99
 Our Price: $45.00
  1. Item unavailable
Product Description

(DC)LGSAME08 RADIO | NOAA Weather Band Radio

AM/FM Radio / Alarm Clock / LED Light

Life+Gear provides high-quality products to help you and your family prepare for emergencies whether at home, at work, or out having fun.


- AM/FM Radio
- NOAA Weather Band Radio
- S.A.M.E. Emergency Radio Band with 24 Hour Monitoring
- Automatic warnings for severe weather provide life-saving advantages
- Receives 79 emergency messages including: Hurricane and Tornado warnings, AMBER Alert, Civil Danger, Nuclear Power Plant, Immediate Evacuation and more
- Automatically sounds a loud alert siren when emergency conditions occur
- Programmable to receive warnings for emergencies in your area
- Scrolling LCD display of message information
- Uses Digital S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding)
- Built-in LED Flashlight
- Alarm Clock with backlit display

NWR Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME)

Explanation of NWR and SAME

How the NWR SAME system works

How you can program your new NWR SAME receiver with this code

SAME codes for states, counties, and territories

SAME codes for message types

NWS implementations of FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) code changes

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS Publication 6-4, Counties and Equivalent Entities of the United States, its Possessions, and Associated Areas, dated August 31, 1990

NWR service to a county depends on reliable signal reception, which typically extends in about a 40 mile radius from the transmitter, assuming level terrain. Counties without NWR coverage or partial NWR coverage are indicated. Some counties or parts of counties, especially in mountainous areas, may not have reliable reception due to signal blockages or excessive distance from the transmitter.