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Red Cross Ready Rating Program - Member 2011

Red Cross Ready Rating Program - Member 2011


Sanitary CPARLENE Basic Full Manikin


SKU LF03943U
Case Height (in) 24"
Case Length (in) 37"
Case Qty 1
Case Weight (lbs) 60
Case Width (in) 13"
Height (in) -
Length (in) -
Width (in) -
 Retail Price: $1,145.00
 You Save: $20.00
 Our Price: $1,125.00
Product Description

Sanitary CPARLENE Basic Full Manikin with Sanitary Head & Molded Hair

This full-bodied basic CPR manikin is designed to be the foundation of our CRiSis system. Our system enables you to create the manikin to suit your needs. Start with this full-bodied basic torso and add the CRiSis components you need to make the training complete. The sanitary face mask is designed with a one-way non-rebreathing valve and is disposable or may be reused after proper disinfection. Molded hair requires no maintenance. Disposable tracheal airway and lower airway with lung bag eliminates time-consuming disinfection procedures. Comes complete with one sanitary face mask, one disposable tracheal airway and lung, and a hard carrying case.

Life/form quality features:
Available in either white or black
Palpable landmarks for hand placement
Xiphoid, navel, nipples, and rib cage landmarks
Pliable abdomen for obstructed airway procedure

CPR training capabilities:
Adult CPR trainer with optional child springs available
Fully articulated head, neck, and jaw
Simulated carotid pulse
3 year warranty.

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